Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir


TOVES 2015

Limited first edition

Second edition

A story about seeking answers, but forgetting to ask questions

SISIMKA draws on sixtie’s exsistential and political scifi novels updated to a contemporary format.
With outstanding prose Gudbrandsdóttir outlines the disturbing scenery of a society that marginalises the people, it doesn’t want to acknowledge. A tale of art, desire and the totalitarian structures both around us and within us. (TOVES)

Genuinely glittering, only slightly dystopic. Fine and excentric, hard-cut and edgy. Clearly one of this year’s best debuts. PLEASE discover it.” Lars Bukdahl, Weekendavisen

Poetic sci-fi debut novel – an oddly creepy, vividly narrated, playful and lyrical labyrinth. Sends you into a timeless sphere.” Merete Reinholdt, Berlingske Tidende

SISIMKA looks like forgotten pulp fiction. Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir’s writing is distinct and trippy, and she’s not afraid to set the stage.” Lone Nikolajsen, Information

Beautiful and goofy, obscure and evasive, written in a prose that thrives on contrasts. Remarkable.” Bernur, Blogspot

 “Incredibly stylish. You write like a French author, who has published many books and doesn’t need to make a show. Seriously, where does it come from, this language? And what am I supposed to do, now that I’ve read your book? Lay down and die?” Mail from Hassan Preisler


SISIMKA and Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir holds endless gratitude towards Honza Hoeck and Jacob Jessen of TOVES.

The editorial process, the publishing and launch of SISIMKA is an artwork by TOVES.

The making of SISIMKA has been supported by The Danish Art Council / Literature

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